Nov 25, 2009

gregg says yes..gregg live..

bed-stuy BK

this is where i started off dreaming
playing in the hallway for privacy and beautiful acoustics
thats where kids would teach me how to play
they would hear the sound and grown curious
they would come up to see where it was coming from
and to checkout what i was doing
after starin' at me intently for a while
following my fingers goin' up and down the fretboard
they would ask me if i knew how to play the tunes hot at that moment
i did my best man and learned a lot man..
yo it made happy to see their joy whenever i got it right yo!!
nothing gave me more joy and satisfaction sharing music and happiness with them..

a feeling born there
thank you Brooklyn..

that same feeling stayed whenever and wherever i've played so far..

live at yaam inside stage in berlin w/audiopharmacy

and with plan b at club element and the vault nyc

with tasha and band at
Stichting Nowhere in amsterdam

soulsessions with the chosen bowery poetry club nyc

With big T. AP's Toronto canada
photo compliments of Hxfour
good loox man..

with audiopharmacy at Yaam Berlin outside stage

with Kenichiro Nichihara and crew at club the Loop in Tokyo Japan

with apostles and crew lion's den/sullivan hall nyc

in maastricht holland
w/pops and audiopharmacy

with sotu/pops/dj jay-p/tasha@Bitterzoet amsterdam
daydreams cd release/apple tree records opening/
amsterdam dance event performance

with chosen bambu band of the year competition nyc

joe's pub nyc

with audiopharmacy
at luftbad vienna austria

in innsbruck austria w/audiopharmacy

back to cellar door brooklyn ny

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