Nov 13, 2009

gregg says yes..fantastischen 4

so a while ago
like early nineties to mid-nineties i would say
i was into this song alot yo
like was really feelin' the vibe
and up to that point had never really heard german rap sound this smooth
or heard german rap outside of these dudes really

at the time i remember friends of my sisters bringing 'round
some people
real cool folx
a woman and man
the lady spoke spanish
and the guy was british or of british ancestry
he was a model turned photographer
lotta good times with them
he took me along to model on some of his projects
for like school boox an' such
and i remember asking him to pay me
by getting me the die fantastischen vier album
an album well worth it
this i discovered later
after my sister took it
and made it hers :)
see i only listened to that one track
and another, maybe,
until she hipped me to the whole thing
so yo for this reason
please checkit..

ein tag am meer


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