Nov 27, 2009

-gregg says yes..4 my peoples

its been quite a journey but its still just the beginning
heard you a daddy now and it takes some imagining
no we dont see eachother like we used to
but i make it a point to come thru around your way
moms said she felt it felt a little like a child of hers
like the way your moms took me in and made me all hers
you knew me from my first notes first rhymes
smiles still fill my mind when i think of those summa times
all of us after dark in the park smokin spark
jus runnin round clownin even runnin from narcs
don nothin compare those times live in my heart
those the things that carry me thru when times get hard
i rememeber sharin forthy's and blunds upon the highway
wind blowin thru our hair while hearin' big and pac play

this is for my peoples all over the place who's
love an support has been my saving grace
it may not have always been clear to see but
each one of you mean the world to me

i rememember feelin lost walkin round dolo
so much on my mind not sure if i would live no
everyday i shed tears not sure to live or die
at times felt so much pain couldnt even cry
you supported me with hugs n doe when i was low
you would smile n i thought of you when i did my first show
remember when we bought beers and chilled upon the bridge
special to me was that day on diamond head
so much laughter reward for so much blues
cryin inside when you told me what you went thru
your moms sadness your pops crazy abuse
my childhood wasnt easy but i wouldnt trade shoes
not many people live to see the things you went thru
but god said the sun shines for everyone so you
stay strong and pray, i know you do
gave you so much he expects a lot from you

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