Nov 22, 2009

gregg says you miss celia cruz

i love hispanic culture
thats it
i just love it
the passion
the love
the food
the attitudes and mannerisms
the dance
the music
its crazy..
i mean
the feelin of walkin around the streets and feeling the love yo
its just dope
so much love
the stories
the pride
the struggle
the hospitality
the love
all that

man sometimes i wish i spoke spanish
i mean i understand it a little
and many people told me i should learn
so maybe i should pick it up right?!
what im tryin to say is
ive noticed
whereever i go in the city
theres a few names
that always seem to pop up
spoken of
with love admiration and passion affection
and connection
like the ones speaking of them actually knows them
and many times they do

the true meaning of a folk hero
to be one of the people
coming from the people
doing great things for the people
and always wanted loved and honored by the people
one of these remarkable people..


and now youknow why.. :)
love you miss cruz

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