Nov 3, 2009

-freddy and the family halloween nyc

whats good y'all
hope you had a nice halloween
as i shared with you
we had freddy fuego's album release party gig
in harlem on halloween
at the shrine

comining up:freddy's album cover..
wait for it...

dope right?!
props to fred's cousin..
my man's definately nice widit..
to say the least
love the concept..
this was a side note
back to the story..

and i would say
it was a success
many people showed
and that made our collective efforts all the more worthwhile
i wanna give a shout to fred and the family
proud of you fred..
you made it happen man
glad to have been a part of it
shout to all the beautiful musicians and family down for the cause fo sho'
god bless..

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