Nov 21, 2009

feel me

spill forth

imagine me under street lights in the spirit connected to god
i pray before him before givin him my offererin
home is where the love is the drama and peoples i miss
the bullshit i can do without the guilttrips i dissmiss
rather place a kiss on the cheex of forgiveness
still im human and believe in karma, my life is this
many addicted to drama i choose gods body armor
a sinner in this life at times feelin like a beginner
when again we strife our egos fight to be right
in the night i reflect by a candle on my inner light
and shine that light bright onto what im into
sheddin a ray of life onto cold dead winters
i remember the screams the fights the arguin every night
the fear of love similar to stagefright
my inner child is like two children that need to unite
my cries to god in the dark send my prayers like a kite

its impossible to turn back the hands of time
memories live on deep in my heart and mind
i look into your soul as i pray for understanding
a deeper understanding
i know times been ruff barely had enuff
hopin that one day they wouldnt call our bluff
i know for sure that my moma cried tears
left em on my shoulder they still here
the emptiness grows deeper the more i grow older
wishin i could hold her

in my heart its still easy to recall
the echoes of the screams still bounce off the walls
inside my tears hang around like leaves in fall
i got fear pain and anger yet love for all
under dimmed lights i reflect on black holes
that darken the spaces love could have filled with so much soul
and breathe in the summer breeze knowin i still sin
life is yang and ying turnin strangers to lovers to friends
back to strangers again and the sun ain shine since,
sadness and me been close like first cousins
tears that spill forth within once again
slowly become the river my soul now swims in
takin memories back to the beginnin
lovedones words be a lifevest im rememberin,
a moment of realization life is a test
a reminder that struggles come before progress

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