Nov 25, 2009

gregg says yes.. daydreams

aaight so
i did this ep with my dawgg mr. baris akardere
aka sotu the traveller
or if you want
soul tu the traveller
cause he's that nice
f'real my man got one of the smooves sounds aroun'
an' already an impressive and extensive track record
of songs and collabo's
for having just jumped on the scene
and still being at the tender age of
somewhere in his early twennies..


the way we met was thru a mutual acquaintance
(dont worry i spell checked it
im not naturally that nice with the spelling.. :)
one who i was writin with at the time
so we hit it off
him being a producer and musician
i read him a lil something that i had written youknow
something along with a beat in the back ground
nothin' crazy
and he was like yo i dig it
so thats how it came about to do a song
since the one poem was kinda extensive
baris came up with the idea of sprerading it out into three seperate pieces
like visual artists back in the day sometimes would make like one piece
and divide it in three
thats how it came to be
i loved that idea

we first recorded like a draft take at baris' house in Haarlem
and the went to his man 'Double AA's house AA is slang for hAArlem,

so i think we recorded the three songs in one day and we bugged out some at the end of the session
for baris to use later wherever suitable youknow..
it was nice though man
looking out over beautiful Haarlem at night
in the presence of some real kool peoples man
yo its one of my fondest memories yet..
soon after we mixed and mastered the joints and pops did his thing at a different studio in the area
big ups to the double A posse yo..

and youknow we did that for fun
had tasha a dutch singer friend rock on it
had my pops on trumpet add to the cipher
had marc zwazi
ultra nice bass player for dope dutch groups
postmen and trackaddicts feature on it
and thijs v/d klugt on it on guitar
(to this day i still havent met him
my man's dope though..)
yo thijs if you readin this..
whatsup man
good looking on that solo on the track yo
you did the thing man..
thank you
so youknow thats how it came together

pops rocked on the second joint called 'bridges n raps'
a blessing..
the title definately Nasir influenced
sotu called me and was like we need titles for these thre songs
i was like yo jus call it 'jazz thing I, II and III'
he was like yo we cant do that
im like aaight
and thought of these three titles like almost on the spot
some say i sound like the great Nas,
well if i made his money and got his props cool..
but im not Nas
im Gregg
i mean its a great compliment
its also superficial

what IS funny though is the fact that his pops is from the south and is a trumpet player and that they get along and do work together
its a beautiful thing

the picture was takin in maastricht at a show we did there with Audiopharmacy
shout to maastricht nr.1 rap group Flexxfitt

who opened for us that day..

the third song would be called 'global corner conversation'
basically just talkin bout how i came up and my perspective on two of the worlds i came up in and am still part of

youknow i mean
we tryina do this shit universally
doin' it from new york
caifornia san fransisco
i got squads
new york
back to fuckin..
yo, let it be known
im from maastricht aaight?!
when i rock in dutch
i rock with the zachte g je weet toch?! (youknow?!)
zachte g!!

give me a buzz on sunday mornin'
we'll build some more on what it means to be free
have our own church ceremony
and create a history not build on currency
but for now let's enjoy the laughter and the silence
as the sun is dawning from this balcony
and feel what it must feel like to be free
as we freely breath in the wind from a world overseas
that appreciates us for our beauty and our blackness
our dignity and our royalty
yet also praises us for our wackness
disloyalty and disrespect
where the growth of our form of art
has turned into, cut the check..
without a message given to reflect upon
it's hard
it's like living life without the one begotten son
with no respect
and giving him back the crown of thorns
true kings and queens care
put our fists in the air to protect our way of being
and resist against our adopted ways
and their societies way of seeing
we non-european
though it's seemin' in paris they love us
in holland we ride the front of the bus
and in england they don't enslave us
it is money that they gave us
they even asked (our)their god to save their queen
or was it
god save their cream?..
but who am i to judge knowin'
it's a bit the same everywhere
it's a bit a shame everywhere
cause it's a jazz thing
and wether here or there
love remains in the beholder's stare
so jazz was born where?

never are we off from this godly proffession
we workin like slaves just to be manifestin'
cause it's our life love and truest confssion
our way to the light shinin' thru the depression
coming from way down in the underground
building our universe with a sound profound
expand it to the stars with rehearsel and verse
with our voices and fists we make it felt and heard

after that we did the live show,
the ep release as part of the opening for the label that put the record out,
we did two shows which as part of the amsterdam dance event in amsterdam holland

this a pic from the first show
in this pic im good
dont get it twisted though
i was nervous as shit before the show..
like for two days at least :)
it was my first marque-date
god seen me thru though youknow..

the crowd was dope and i have to give my man Robin a shout out for really gettin everyone to come that day
i told him about it a month earlier when i met him on tour with Audiopharmacy
i mean EVERYONE was there
except for maybe my parents in law
and my main man Sibren who was on vacation in Brazil ithink
but i know he was there in spirit

it was nice and it was fun and i think it was the first time me and my pops got together on stage, nice
i remember right before the show
as we were getting introduced
standing under the lights
turning to my pops and saying
your moms is here right?!

youknow how they say when two or more believers are gathered togethered god is there in the midst of them
i believe god was there
and i also believe miss Josephine Green was there
right there from heaven watching over her son and grandson doing their thing together and
hopefully enjoying the showing..

we have since then rocked in Maastricht as part of an Audiopharmacy tour and in N.Y. at the Nyorican poetry cafe
this is a pic taken at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam at the release
yours truly seems to in deep relaxation muzin' on the vibes of both tash and pops..
nice flic..

and this is a review of the daydreams ep from one of holland's
frontline hip hop writers and journalists Saul van Stapele

the piece translated in english.. for you mono-linguals :)

"Forget your worries: close your eyes and sway your hips.

For 21 year old Haarlem-based Dutch producer Sotu the Traveller and his musical compagnons, daydreaming is a serious business. They create their warm, relaxed music not for the everyday rush, but with their heads up in the clouds. Listen how NY rapper Gregg Green unfolds these jazzed up daydreams on the first 3 tracks of this EP with his laidback ’spoken word’ and whispering singing and forget your worries by closing your eyes and slowly swaying your hips. Green’s Afrocentric raps are completed by the soul of Dutch vocaliste Tasha and the relaxed moquette of consonances composed by the producer who forms the centre of this EP.

Sotu the Traveller makes jazzy hiphop in tradition of the Native Tongue-movement from New York that (except for a small textual referance) doesn´t remind of Dutch hiphop for one sec. We travel from skyscrapers with money-hungry recordlabels to dark, smokey jazzclubs where around midnight improvisation sets in. With warm basslines, a drizzling trumpet, a velvet guitarsolo, cracking vinyl and chrystal clear pianotunes, Sotu the Traveller makes loving hiphop-soul music, breathing and full of live, inviting you to snap shut your agenda, close your eyes and wobble along on a jazzy dreamtrip." - Saul van Stapele/ NRC Handelsblad

And the love is felt from Alex van der Hulst writer for a magazine translated is called "Ear" aka "Oor"

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