Oct 1, 2009

thank you for comin' thru,whats good with you?!

hey y'all
nice surprise to see my stats go from
a few to a few more
good to feel the love from wifey who posted me on twitter and her blog and such
nice nice nice
isnt she great?!
and talented?!
and lovely?!
now i feel she gave me an audience for which i must speak
ahh well
here goes nothing :)
nah man jus chillin'..
daily greens right?!
today was a little chillier than yesterday
and a litlle over cast
this always sets the tone and mood
mood and tone was calm
daydreamin my way thru the day..
oh.. yeah
i finished a song yesterday evening
after working on the parts for like two or three days
its like a collabo thing with a french songstress
her name is INDY
really a beautiful talent man
if you interested
or just curious
please feel free to check her out at
now normally i dont really take time like that to do a song
usually take like a day
so i finished the song and found that
what a friend of my told me is true
it pays of to be accurate when you work
youknow really doing your best on what it is you're doing
so that when you look back on what you did
you can have that feeling of satisfaction that you really put that care into what you did
my elementary school teacher used to say
not the plenty is good
but the good is plenty

on another note
a sad note :)
if you look at any of my pictures
you might notice that sometimes
if not most times
i have braids,
me and the girl that usually does my hair
bumped heads
nothing big
but youknow
in the meantime i cant get my hair done
so youknow im gettin' clowned by my co-workers
tellin me i need to make up or do something
cause this here is gettin' ridiculous..
i mean i just bought a new shirt
but a new shirt with a crazy hair do
is just that
a nice lookin' shirt
with a crazy hair do
or don't. . .
so what i did today
is ask one of the people around the college where i work at
to hook me up
and she told me she would do it tomorrow
so thats cool
but dogg
i need to get my hair done man..
maybe i should just make up
but youknow
im just not that good in groveling,
i wonder whether thats something anyone could be good at,
ah well,
yeah man
imma have to keep you posted on that situation
for now im deciding whether i want a cup of chamomille tea
or a beer..
peace y'all

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