Oct 10, 2009

gregg g says del..new album

so i gotta plug some ish real quick
i mean reel quick
you know how back in the day
i dont know how far back in the day back in the day is for you
i mean im workin with this dude now thats like pop qiuzzin' me about
BACK in the day
asking me bout
who wrote..
this a problem
i would humm it to you
and if had time
i'd probably record it on youtube so you get the humm effect
but for right now
he asked me this melody
that most people would be familiar with
and then asked me about who's song is that
im like
whats the prize if i get right?!
thats usually my response
when i dont know
bargain with a dude youknow?!
he said
the gift of knowing..
im like this nigg..
yeah i know segway turned into a highway right,
you remember vynil?
crazy to say this
remembering vynil was like the only thing out
together with tapes and shit
remember tapes gettin stuck in your walkman or deck?
one of the illest lines to me
"dont put me in your box if your shit eats tapes"-nas
intro to illmatic
or what about big sayin'
"i let my tape rock till my tape popped"
r.i.p. late great
anyway man
remember runnin to the store
or borowin' your man's tape?!
yeah i said it
(i think im spellin borowin' wrong,
and repeatin it so many times..
crazy right?!,
that was for those of you that cared to notice..
i noticed it my damn self but didnt feel like "correct"-spellin my sh..
cause my whole letter to you would be corrected.. :))
cats act like they dont know the meanin of the word
yeah i did it too
(now dont front and get all self-righteous
you did it too
yeah you!!)
borowin' without askin cause the shit was too hot you just had to have it and told yourself you would give it right back before they noticed it was gone..hhmm
and then they noticed it was gone..
aaight then
this aint confession time man
im jus sayin'
you ever heard some shit that you felt like
you wanted to keep it a secret
cause you wanted to have it all for yourself alone
and at the same time
you wanted everybody to know about it..
i aint had that feelin' in a long time
mainly cause everybody wanna tell me about themselves and how hot they shit is
and mainly because radio and tv wanna decide FOR you
whats hot
and alotta times im like yo
thats not..
here comes


i really dig what im hearin' from it so far
that fresh breath feeling shit
(that new tooth brush and freshly unpopped toothpastetube combination sh.. :)
youknow that fresh breath and breath of fresh air shit..

please check it out
please enjoy
tell me what you think
and if you want
throw me some suggestionz for some more listenin' pleasure..
or pressure
depending on what you suguest(spell it right spell-it right....

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