Oct 4, 2009

-say no more

you ever get the feeling like you lost in the middle at sea?
like you set out on a journey and you traveling and traveling
trying to do whats right
trying to avoid ruff winds
dealing with the tides as they come
forever telling yourself tomorrow will be better..
and praying that it will be
while attempting to grasp a clearer vision on reality
maybe it are all the hidden pockets of karma that bring these lessons
maybe it is drifting from your souls truth.
the tension comes from knowing what you know
and them deciding what is right
all these things are based on control.
like a child who hears feels and talks to god within their heart
cofronted by man to conform to rules
life already has its own rules
so who are educated fools
to tell you
how your soul works
i remember the bible say
that what is hidden from the wise and prudent will be revealed to the babes and sucklings..
and how come people in your circle dont appreciate your stubbornness
but admire the stubborn persistance that inevitably is needed to achieve ones goal
and how come people expect you to remain polite when they themselves are not
and how come
even when you thought you made all the right moves
you still singin'..the dark blues..

my pops tells me

my son, jesus was perfect,
and they crucified him..
nuff said
say no more

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