Oct 4, 2009


new day
stayin positive
thinkin bout my peoples
the ones here
the ones overseas
the ones gone
workin everyday
for a promise

people in passing who said things
with lasting impact
and negative

longing for close bonds
with those who
people you assume you
already have close bonds with

dont wanna cry
cant smile
wonder why
no tears leave my eye
like sometimes
no sound comes out
when i try

thankful for those
believing in me
feeling thankful for making others believe
and we
both stand in awe
of the way the sun colors
like a mood ring
from cold and shy
to deep and warm
like the fathers we wish where here
like the father gave us love
to comfort our fears

wonder if my friends know how much i love and think about em


from fleeting presences
to deep connects

a myriad of experiences
blending them into one
weaving words into a song
and knowing that
of how many words are ever spoken
they can never fully replace
you and i
here and now

a million times a day
i tell myself
i wont be afraid

but how can i not be
when i have so little to gain
and so much to lose..

just when i thought i had it
i realise
i dont have a clue

my dude responded to the poem on twitter
would like to share it with you:

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