Oct 6, 2009

-don't get into it with your hairdresser...

so yeah i told y'all a little while back
me an the girl that do my hair on the regular got into it
man listen
pride aint no joke
like see usually i back down an chill and try to make a situation right youknow
but lately i been stressin
and i wasnt
i mean jus wasnt in the mood
to back down an off
regardless of my coworkers tellin me to staighten things out
i just let it ride
cause i dont ALWAYS wanna be the one
makin things better
i had to get it together
cause i couldnt keep walkin around like this yo,

for real..

so what do you do when you in a bind
anyplace anytime?!
thats right
you call on moms..
i got my blood moms
youknow biological moms in holland
1 love
im over here
and my hair needs attention
whats good?!
son gotta call on mams from anotha grams
we talked
we laughed
caught up
and aright
its all good
she said "come thru
and imma hook you up.."

cool.. :)

so youknow,
if you know
it take a lil' prep work to get the thing done..
takin' out the old braids
washin' the hair to defunkify it
and greasin' it up
for the fresh new twist..

(my co worker stays lettin' me know,
thats too much ish dogg
yo, just shave your sh..)
i had to tell em
1 would
but i wont look as pretty :)


after you get done doin' all this
you may wind up lookin' something like this:

something in the way of questlove or frederick douglas you say?!
i guess so
im not the great orator livin' in plantation times
and im not the ill matic drummer
playing in the worlds greatest hip hop band..so

i guess
not for me
not at this time
('spect to them cats though..)

..if you can't back it up

so yo

game day..

fresh coupe out
moms did her magic, right?!

call for your own appointment
jus kidding.. :)
peace y'all

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