Oct 29, 2009

auto pilot

lights down low
mood mellow
we chillin
without children
but we practicin
life is fulfilling
so many worries
life moves so hurried
and nobody wants to be left behind
you know youre one of a kind
but the world dont always treat you so kind
wish you could sometimes
just rewind
lifes a ball full of people searching for that feeling you feel when you alone
naked in your home
in your zone
on your souls throne
and yet
noone wants to be alone

how do you feel
do their opinions still matter
or only when you feel some kinda vulnerable
you ever really take em serious when you feel wonderful?
constantly adjusting your vision on your world
friends grow up
grow out
life moves on
no matter how loud you shout
however silent you cry
and they say they want results
dont wanna hear why
i see my reflection
in so many yous
and feel my feet danglin
over the depth of your blues
so deep
that i
need to remind myself
that i
worthy of my cries
worthy to feel my pain
of your lies
or ignorance
or indifference
i put my soul in these lines willingly
for you to navigate your way
thru its multiplicity
easily replaced by true words
the moment we share sincerity
i miss innocence i feel
when embraced by things real
feel honered when children at me smile
knowing im still there somewhere inside
they tell us to be confident
but i cant lie
so i practice indifference
they strive for independance
filling their emptiness with those who befriend them

always hope for tomorrow
and a pillow for your sorrow
dont tell us
we dont want to know
everywhere you hear
and so the years go
and you grow cynical
making fun of those who say they love you so
must be something wrong with them
like you need a next layer of dues to pay to prove to yourself
that youre worthy of love
but thats the funny part
respect you earn
love is
on a soap box i stand
with my opinions
so many shout so much louder
must be their opinions are better than mines
would i be better served
and better serve
keeping my meanings to myself..
i think you liked me better
when i said and did things that you wanted hear
and wanted to know
but i guess
like wings that uplift
a soul must grow
and you an i
now are
what we always never were
familiar strangers
like fake fur
only now
we said so
making it easier
to let go
you havent called me once
and not once have i cared
you couldve encouraged me
yet only once
did you dare
you so small in all the ways you have the world believe you big
and its a good thing to know
that the tree of knowledge has twigs

im on auto pilot
driving thru the night
letting my spirit take flight
with not a soul in sight
you beautiful ones
i feel you though..

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