Oct 30, 2009

gregg says albert king jimi hendrix n vincent louveau

my man in paris vincent louveau
a dope guitar player
hipped me to this man
an' even gave me his cd,
good looking out my poodle..
(youknow, french for dogg?! :)

peace chien..

an' jimi
tasha introduced me to him ..
eventhough something tells me
we already met
peace jim, wherever you are
n norma
love love

gregg green says..peggy lee..for no particular reason..la haine miss.edith piaf

shout to my sis tash..
dope ass singer by the way


classic to the umph degree..

Oct 29, 2009

mr.pablo neruda

When I close a book
I open life.
I hear
faltering cries
among harbours.
Copper ignots
slide down sand-pits
to Tocopilla.
Night time.
Among the islands
our ocean
throbs with fish,
touches the feet, the thighs,
the chalk ribs
of my country.
The whole of night
clings to its shores, by dawn
it wakes up singing
as if it had excited a guitar.

The ocean's surge is calling.
The wind
calls me
and Rodriguez calls,
and Jose Antonio--
I got a telegram
from the "Mine" Union
and the one I love
(whose name I won't let out)
expects me in Bucalemu.

No book has been able
to wrap me in paper,
to fill me up
with typography,
with heavenly imprints
or was ever able
to bind my eyes,
I come out of books to people orchards
with the hoarse family of my song,
to work the burning metals
or to eat smoked beef
by mountain firesides.
I love adventurous
books of forest or snow,
depth or sky
but hate
the spider book
in which thought
has laid poisonous wires
to trap the juvenile
and circling fly.
Book, let me go.
I won't go clothed
in volumes,
I don't come out
of collected works,
my poems
have not eaten poems--
they devour
exciting happenings,
feed on rough weather,
and dig their food
out of earth and men.
I'm on my way
with dust in my shoes
free of mythology:
send books back to their shelves,
I'm going down into the streets.
I learned about life
from life itself,
love I learned in a single kiss
and could teach no one anything
except that I have lived
with something in common among men,
when fighting with them,
when saying all their say in my song.

Pablo Neruda

auto pilot

lights down low
mood mellow
we chillin
without children
but we practicin
life is fulfilling
so many worries
life moves so hurried
and nobody wants to be left behind
you know youre one of a kind
but the world dont always treat you so kind
wish you could sometimes
just rewind
lifes a ball full of people searching for that feeling you feel when you alone
naked in your home
in your zone
on your souls throne
and yet
noone wants to be alone

how do you feel
do their opinions still matter
or only when you feel some kinda vulnerable
you ever really take em serious when you feel wonderful?
constantly adjusting your vision on your world
friends grow up
grow out
life moves on
no matter how loud you shout
however silent you cry
and they say they want results
dont wanna hear why
i see my reflection
in so many yous
and feel my feet danglin
over the depth of your blues
so deep
that i
need to remind myself
that i
worthy of my cries
worthy to feel my pain
of your lies
or ignorance
or indifference
i put my soul in these lines willingly
for you to navigate your way
thru its multiplicity
easily replaced by true words
the moment we share sincerity
i miss innocence i feel
when embraced by things real
feel honered when children at me smile
knowing im still there somewhere inside
they tell us to be confident
but i cant lie
so i practice indifference
they strive for independance
filling their emptiness with those who befriend them

always hope for tomorrow
and a pillow for your sorrow
dont tell us
we dont want to know
everywhere you hear
and so the years go
and you grow cynical
making fun of those who say they love you so
must be something wrong with them
like you need a next layer of dues to pay to prove to yourself
that youre worthy of love
but thats the funny part
respect you earn
love is
on a soap box i stand
with my opinions
so many shout so much louder
must be their opinions are better than mines
would i be better served
and better serve
keeping my meanings to myself..
i think you liked me better
when i said and did things that you wanted hear
and wanted to know
but i guess
like wings that uplift
a soul must grow
and you an i
now are
what we always never were
familiar strangers
like fake fur
only now
we said so
making it easier
to let go
you havent called me once
and not once have i cared
you couldve encouraged me
yet only once
did you dare
you so small in all the ways you have the world believe you big
and its a good thing to know
that the tree of knowledge has twigs

im on auto pilot
driving thru the night
letting my spirit take flight
with not a soul in sight
you beautiful ones
i feel you though..

Oct 28, 2009

tracy chapman..gregg green says respekt to the fulless..


you ever listened to her lyrics..
timeless poet laureate..

for the kids :)
she keepin it real though..

give me one reason
not to put this song on..

i'll give you ten reasons you buggin'

aaight last one
but dogg

i can go on and on and on
with songs of this endlessly gifted beautiful spirit..
true admiration..
from me to you miss tracy..

ps dont know why
but she reminds me of my sis grace mary..
something about true spirits rings true

Oct 27, 2009

cyndi lauper

sorry y'all..

been a minute right?!
yeah im back

a classic..
yeah i know
not what you used to..
enjoy anyway..aaight..

Cyndi Lauper Time after Time

Oct 22, 2009


yo check her out
she's dope


this a song we did
please dig..

and please..
tell a friend


Oct 21, 2009

ABYSSINIANS..love..from gregg green

thank you
so much..

shout to miss norma
lionness heart

all love..




Oct 20, 2009


please check out this video
one of the niceliest directed
and phonetically mellowest tunes i seen and heard in a minute
suggested by wifey
wifey got good taste :)
by one of hollands' leading music groups
please enjoy..

Flinke Namen - Wolken

this picture is a dedication to music
and to all the beautiful souls
in the past and present
sharing their spirit
thru media's like these
god bless you beautiful ones..
thank you


weekly adress on the musicanomics of domestic and foreign musical affairs, the development and upkeep of worlwide musical organizations, creative wellfare, the waves of environmental vibrations, and forum on the greenness of it all.. :)

Oct 18, 2009



Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street - Studio One Story

Oct 17, 2009


just sent some a my peoples a link
possibly the beautifullest link i could send em
wonder if they undastan
wonder if they recognize
now or later

the beauty
and 'laxness of the vibes in this is
love to the lovies degree youknow?!

and yours

please enjoy it with me




Oct 15, 2009

Yo MaN.. AuDiOpHaRmAcY In NyC..

OcT.22@SoUtHpAw BrOoKlYn


i just wanna hip y'all to one of the most eclectic hiphop-worldbeat groups in the country
coincidentally also one of the crews that i have had the pleasure to record and tour with :)
please check out their site


and all the individual artistic offsprings..
here is a taste y'all..

and here's something else..

and one more thing


please enjoy my peoples

...and if you feel like you wanna support
and have a good time
listening to some good music
and maybe hang out with the crew..

feel free to come thru yo

Oct 14, 2009

-boondox y'all

Oct 12, 2009

-one moment of silence please...

its columbus day..

Oct 10, 2009

gregg g says del..new album

so i gotta plug some ish real quick
i mean reel quick
you know how back in the day
i dont know how far back in the day back in the day is for you
i mean im workin with this dude now thats like pop qiuzzin' me about
BACK in the day
asking me bout
who wrote..
this a problem
i would humm it to you
and if had time
i'd probably record it on youtube so you get the humm effect
but for right now
he asked me this melody
that most people would be familiar with
and then asked me about who's song is that
im like
whats the prize if i get right?!
thats usually my response
when i dont know
bargain with a dude youknow?!
he said
the gift of knowing..
im like this nigg..
yeah i know segway turned into a highway right,
you remember vynil?
crazy to say this
remembering vynil was like the only thing out
together with tapes and shit
remember tapes gettin stuck in your walkman or deck?
one of the illest lines to me
"dont put me in your box if your shit eats tapes"-nas
intro to illmatic
or what about big sayin'
"i let my tape rock till my tape popped"
r.i.p. late great
anyway man
remember runnin to the store
or borowin' your man's tape?!
yeah i said it
(i think im spellin borowin' wrong,
and repeatin it so many times..
crazy right?!,
that was for those of you that cared to notice..
i noticed it my damn self but didnt feel like "correct"-spellin my sh..
cause my whole letter to you would be corrected.. :))
cats act like they dont know the meanin of the word
yeah i did it too
(now dont front and get all self-righteous
you did it too
yeah you!!)
borowin' without askin cause the shit was too hot you just had to have it and told yourself you would give it right back before they noticed it was gone..hhmm
and then they noticed it was gone..
aaight then
this aint confession time man
im jus sayin'
you ever heard some shit that you felt like
you wanted to keep it a secret
cause you wanted to have it all for yourself alone
and at the same time
you wanted everybody to know about it..
i aint had that feelin' in a long time
mainly cause everybody wanna tell me about themselves and how hot they shit is
and mainly because radio and tv wanna decide FOR you
whats hot
and alotta times im like yo
thats not..
here comes


i really dig what im hearin' from it so far
that fresh breath feeling shit
(that new tooth brush and freshly unpopped toothpastetube combination sh.. :)
youknow that fresh breath and breath of fresh air shit..

please check it out
please enjoy
tell me what you think
and if you want
throw me some suggestionz for some more listenin' pleasure..
or pressure
depending on what you suguest(spell it right spell-it right....


best place in the world to be to me...


Oct 7, 2009

-mood quiet

feelin' the wind blowin' thru the leaves an' trees
i love fall..

Oct 6, 2009

-don't get into it with your hairdresser...

so yeah i told y'all a little while back
me an the girl that do my hair on the regular got into it
man listen
pride aint no joke
like see usually i back down an chill and try to make a situation right youknow
but lately i been stressin
and i wasnt
i mean jus wasnt in the mood
to back down an off
regardless of my coworkers tellin me to staighten things out
i just let it ride
cause i dont ALWAYS wanna be the one
makin things better
i had to get it together
cause i couldnt keep walkin around like this yo,

for real..

so what do you do when you in a bind
anyplace anytime?!
thats right
you call on moms..
i got my blood moms
youknow biological moms in holland
1 love
im over here
and my hair needs attention
whats good?!
son gotta call on mams from anotha grams
we talked
we laughed
caught up
and aright
its all good
she said "come thru
and imma hook you up.."

cool.. :)

so youknow,
if you know
it take a lil' prep work to get the thing done..
takin' out the old braids
washin' the hair to defunkify it
and greasin' it up
for the fresh new twist..

(my co worker stays lettin' me know,
thats too much ish dogg
yo, just shave your sh..)
i had to tell em
1 would
but i wont look as pretty :)


after you get done doin' all this
you may wind up lookin' something like this:

something in the way of questlove or frederick douglas you say?!
i guess so
im not the great orator livin' in plantation times
and im not the ill matic drummer
playing in the worlds greatest hip hop band..so

i guess
not for me
not at this time
('spect to them cats though..)

..if you can't back it up

so yo

game day..

fresh coupe out
moms did her magic, right?!

call for your own appointment
jus kidding.. :)
peace y'all

Oct 4, 2009

-say no more

you ever get the feeling like you lost in the middle at sea?
like you set out on a journey and you traveling and traveling
trying to do whats right
trying to avoid ruff winds
dealing with the tides as they come
forever telling yourself tomorrow will be better..
and praying that it will be
while attempting to grasp a clearer vision on reality
maybe it are all the hidden pockets of karma that bring these lessons
maybe it is drifting from your souls truth.
the tension comes from knowing what you know
and them deciding what is right
all these things are based on control.
like a child who hears feels and talks to god within their heart
cofronted by man to conform to rules
life already has its own rules
so who are educated fools
to tell you
how your soul works
i remember the bible say
that what is hidden from the wise and prudent will be revealed to the babes and sucklings..
and how come people in your circle dont appreciate your stubbornness
but admire the stubborn persistance that inevitably is needed to achieve ones goal
and how come people expect you to remain polite when they themselves are not
and how come
even when you thought you made all the right moves
you still singin'..the dark blues..

my pops tells me

my son, jesus was perfect,
and they crucified him..
nuff said
say no more


new day
stayin positive
thinkin bout my peoples
the ones here
the ones overseas
the ones gone
workin everyday
for a promise

people in passing who said things
with lasting impact
and negative

longing for close bonds
with those who
people you assume you
already have close bonds with

dont wanna cry
cant smile
wonder why
no tears leave my eye
like sometimes
no sound comes out
when i try

thankful for those
believing in me
feeling thankful for making others believe
and we
both stand in awe
of the way the sun colors
like a mood ring
from cold and shy
to deep and warm
like the fathers we wish where here
like the father gave us love
to comfort our fears

wonder if my friends know how much i love and think about em


from fleeting presences
to deep connects

a myriad of experiences
blending them into one
weaving words into a song
and knowing that
of how many words are ever spoken
they can never fully replace
you and i
here and now

a million times a day
i tell myself
i wont be afraid

but how can i not be
when i have so little to gain
and so much to lose..

just when i thought i had it
i realise
i dont have a clue

my dude responded to the poem on twitter
would like to share it with you:

Oct 3, 2009

one of the most beautiful songs i ever heard, yah bless up..

Bob Marley - Selassi is the Chapel

Oct 1, 2009

thank you for comin' thru,whats good with you?!

hey y'all
nice surprise to see my stats go from
a few to a few more
good to feel the love from wifey who posted me on twitter and her blog and such
nice nice nice
isnt she great?!
and talented?!
and lovely?!
now i feel she gave me an audience for which i must speak
ahh well
here goes nothing :)
nah man jus chillin'..
daily greens right?!
today was a little chillier than yesterday
and a litlle over cast
this always sets the tone and mood
mood and tone was calm
daydreamin my way thru the day..
oh.. yeah
i finished a song yesterday evening
after working on the parts for like two or three days
its like a collabo thing with a french songstress
her name is INDY
really a beautiful talent man
if you interested
or just curious
please feel free to check her out at
now normally i dont really take time like that to do a song
usually take like a day
so i finished the song and found that
what a friend of my told me is true
it pays of to be accurate when you work
youknow really doing your best on what it is you're doing
so that when you look back on what you did
you can have that feeling of satisfaction that you really put that care into what you did
my elementary school teacher used to say
not the plenty is good
but the good is plenty

on another note
a sad note :)
if you look at any of my pictures
you might notice that sometimes
if not most times
i have braids,
me and the girl that usually does my hair
bumped heads
nothing big
but youknow
in the meantime i cant get my hair done
so youknow im gettin' clowned by my co-workers
tellin me i need to make up or do something
cause this here is gettin' ridiculous..
i mean i just bought a new shirt
but a new shirt with a crazy hair do
is just that
a nice lookin' shirt
with a crazy hair do
or don't. . .
so what i did today
is ask one of the people around the college where i work at
to hook me up
and she told me she would do it tomorrow
so thats cool
but dogg
i need to get my hair done man..
maybe i should just make up
but youknow
im just not that good in groveling,
i wonder whether thats something anyone could be good at,
ah well,
yeah man
imma have to keep you posted on that situation
for now im deciding whether i want a cup of chamomille tea
or a beer..
peace y'all

bare feet

freedom dance
she dances by the light of dawn
on turned over soil
virginia plantation
her silhouette is like wood,
ebony feet move gracefully
as she sways
no longer do shackles tackle
her freedom
she now dances her freedom dance
to the freedom song.
moma bowed her bosom
to feed their children
and nourish her own
i wonder
whether anyone ever wonders
about the words
that leave their leader's lips,
mouths that were once covered
in ivory colored milk
sprung from
dark brown ebony,
she takes in life as she dances
her freedom dance
between the trees
on an open clearing in the woods
spotlighted by the clear and
innocent sun,
her eyes witnessing god
she is close to heaven
dancing by herself
yet not knowing loneliness,
she will die this way one day,
but death for angels and humans
is not the same,
she will dance to god's humm
until it's time to come home,
freedom dance
in the ghetto,
freedom from the meadow
she flows
smoothly over the changing rhythms,
africa running through her veins,
because of her vibe
they can't think clearly
the hate in their hearts is translated
by the look in their eyes
masked by hooded disguises
and hound dogs and bullets
through the skies,
her rhythm speeds up
as she hastens with bare feet over
prickly soil
in search of concrete,
the fire of their hatred matches
the fire of her desire
to free,
no barrel of any gun can undo
or outrun
this freedom dance
god is calling
his voice is a whisper in her heart,
her spirit has grown weary but too strong
survived in this world,
time to come
time to come.
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