Sep 27, 2009


yo whats good fam
jus wanted to take a little time out to say whatsup
did what i had to do
went to bk early
was nice
an shot uptown to give my man the trax to mix
on the way i seen some dutch people enter the train
youknow sometimes you can hear em
sometimes you can see it
i guess its like that for people
they recognize people from their country
and it always got me wonderin' like
yo what should i do
like youknow
should i talk to em let em know im dutch
an then immediately ask myself like why?!
it aint nuffin'
is like close to 20 million of em youknow?!
ah well
shout to bed-stuy for being beautiful..
shout to harlem for being beautiful too,
i got love for harlem
you can just feel the history when you walking around there
and its jus crazy bugged to me
imaginin' youknow
so many great people jus walkin' round there
alladem.. r.i.p
and the landmarx an such..
its crazy yo
and so many people are still here youknow
like legends jus living and walking amongst the mere mortals
gettin' their groceries at the same spots where you be at
matter fact
my mans in the stuy told me
biggie r.i.p used to work at the Met
right 'round the way where i lived and stayed for like close to 10 years
last time i was there they still had his picture up
and a few of my mans knew em
is crazy man..
really crazy to think of those things.
it was rainy today
fall weather youknow
but for a little while
the sun came out
but im home now :)
nah i mean the sun came out and it was nice
you know quiet sunday afternoon
wonder what its like in amsterdam right now
like is people chillin
watchin 'studio sport'
or gettin' ready for the next mornin'
aint many places more beautiful than amsterdam
thats my word
you ain never been
please go
its the biz..
youknow known for the good shit
but the vibe is jus love love though
and they got the festivals an shows
that make summatime the best,
peace to the vondelpark
and all the good memories there yo..
man y'all know what it is
im jus shootin the breeze up
so soon my songs gonna be mixed
and imma continue work on me album 'streetblues'
for those who know
i been walkin round with the same project for like a few years
forever makin changes
but i wanit to be done jus right youknow,
the way i want it to be
it takes patience
and letting go too
is like yo you drop a joint
and then you feel like aaight
thats the hot shit
and then you listen to it
and then you like yo
thats cool but i need to do this and that and such an such
to where you really need somebody to just be like yo
keep this
and jus move the f.. on
and do something different youknow?!
its about 6.51 on my clock right now
and im about to do some laundry y'all
so peace n god bless
till we chat again..

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