Sep 26, 2009

-my peep..

whats good my peoples or should i say peep,
yes opened it yesterday, y'all remember the grandourous event yo,
anyway.. shout out to the siep.. the first official reader.. the love is felt :)

sketchin a scenario for ya
chillin here with some chamomille tea
and the label says.."no man is an island entire of itself.."
wanna give a shout to rogier on the birthday
and dixxie congrats on the baby..
and ive recently been inducted into the exclusive mp3 club
(looking for a new, more official name)
and i must say the jams is official..
like suiffe said in a mail..
i was kinda like glued to his ipod for like hours
sh.. was beautiful..

other n that
gettin ready to go to work
work in a theater
they got a dance thing going on
yo i work there as a technician
and these companies have like the nightmare combination of props and items they use
picture:flower hay plastic balloons dry ice hot water all in one
and youknow what im talkin about
yo you ever see them shows on tv where they have those million confetti pieces drop from the sky?!
you ever wonder who cleans em?
right, you guessed it..
now you understand why i need to get this music thing poppin' :)

so far god blessed a nigg.. though
i got some new things coming out.. so stay tuned
and check for daily new drafts..

shout to my man in japan kenishiro nishihara
doing his thing

see you on my next blog..

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