Sep 27, 2009

-my peoples my peoples..

my peoples...
back from work yo
heineken in hand you know
my man jorrito just sent me the song 'yama'
art blakey i believe
(pretty sure of it, but dont wanna tick off any jazz specialists..
youknow they such a specific crowd youknow..
an' it wouldnt be a good look for me
being the son of a jazz player an' all.. :)
yeah man that song is dope youknow
taking me back to dayz of chilling with my dudes at J's moms spot
an just smokin drinkin an loungin youknowwhatimsayin'
mid-ninetees sh..


got plans to go to city college tomorrow early
meeting up with artem kolakov the engineer
he's the dude with the glasses in the youtube video's..
oh youainknow?!
well go checkem mon..
(a lil' patois f'thadass..)
peace to my JA peoples

so, up to harlem
a quick stop in BK first
pick up some mail an' say hi to my bk fam

yo nice man..
for anyone ever tried to put together an album
nuff'spekt due

im doing that rizight nizow..
thats the reason for going uptown..
my man A.K.(artem kolakov..
you like that right?!.. i know, just thought of it,
mixing my ish..
an let me tell you
the pre mix and final mix
is like russia and africa
both beautiful
but very different man..
an' he doing his thing..

glad i met him..

so yo
whereever you at right now..
i hope you lovin'..
till further chats an' stats..


Anonymous said...

you funni man

Anonymous said...

yo this keep son!

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