Sep 25, 2009

-my first official blog

yo y'all..

i just found out i could start bloggin'
you know like journalizing, communicatin' to the world and ish..
yo thatswhatitis,
i know y'all aint there now cause i aint let youknow about it
but trust..
i will..
and this way y'all could keep up with a nigg.. if y'all want
imma be lettin' youknow about my days loves and passions..
and y'all can do the same

this a beautiful thing
cause i got maad fam spread out cross the world
like a big 'ol jelly roll

youknow 'spread out'.. get it?!! :)

aaight whatevea
i hear you thinkin'
nuff with the cornyness already
but baby
theres no way i can.. :)
thats just part of the green gene i guess
welcome to my blizog
and keep posted for more
an' good for you..

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