Oct 1, 2009

bare feet

freedom dance
she dances by the light of dawn
on turned over soil
virginia plantation
her silhouette is like wood,
ebony feet move gracefully
as she sways
no longer do shackles tackle
her freedom
she now dances her freedom dance
to the freedom song.
moma bowed her bosom
to feed their children
and nourish her own
i wonder
whether anyone ever wonders
about the words
that leave their leader's lips,
mouths that were once covered
in ivory colored milk
sprung from
dark brown ebony,
she takes in life as she dances
her freedom dance
between the trees
on an open clearing in the woods
spotlighted by the clear and
innocent sun,
her eyes witnessing god
she is close to heaven
dancing by herself
yet not knowing loneliness,
she will die this way one day,
but death for angels and humans
is not the same,
she will dance to god's humm
until it's time to come home,
freedom dance
in the ghetto,
freedom from the meadow
she flows
smoothly over the changing rhythms,
africa running through her veins,
because of her vibe
they can't think clearly
the hate in their hearts is translated
by the look in their eyes
masked by hooded disguises
and hound dogs and bullets
through the skies,
her rhythm speeds up
as she hastens with bare feet over
prickly soil
in search of concrete,
the fire of their hatred matches
the fire of her desire
to free,
no barrel of any gun can undo
or outrun
this freedom dance
god is calling
his voice is a whisper in her heart,
her spirit has grown weary but too strong
survived in this world,
time to come
time to come.


The Perfectionist said...

Whoo! First Comment! That's beautiful! I found your blog from Ismoyo's. ( just to let you know!) :D Goodl Luck with the new blog!

Tess said...

Wow that's wonderful! Came by to say hello and wish you luck with the new blog and crank up your stats *kidding* ;o) Say hi to your lovely lady for me! :o)

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