Sep 29, 2009

yo yo.. gregg green talx barack obama

yo whats good man
so im reading dreams from my father
by barack obama

its a good read yo
mostly read it on the bus on my way to and from work
provided the bus isnt pilin' out youknow
rush hour style..
if you ain' know, aint nothin' cute about it
sweaty m'fuckas
morning breath
people brushin up on you
scuffin yo shoes an such..
people wanna sit in between you and the person in the next seat over
i mean
jus cause its empty
don mean you fit in it
tired as ish.. and yeah you gotta stand
makin you feel like you gettin' punished for bussin' yo ass all day
people on the phone talkin' waaay too loud
and lookin at you like 'what?!'
yeah i know its a free country but son, wtf..
sat on tha bus one time
seen a roach or something crawlin on the seat next to the lady opposite me,
yo tell me why she wanna flick that m'f.. without lookin'?!
in my direction at that..
you not recognizin that sh.. may be considered offensive?!
yo im buggin' though..
an' im not even in a bad mood
but im catchin myself tantrumming..
thats funny
yo i got stories for days about the trains and subways yo
my homey once told me
back in tha day when i liked public transportation a lot more
that i was a train ridin' m'f'er
yeah i see now
how having a car would be the shiznit..
when i listen to my co-workers
the ones that talk about they couldnt find a parkin spot
and circled the block for like an hour
i dont know
guess we all gotta deal..
one thing though
tell me why they keep raisin he fares?!
i mean, less busses an trains
and you raisin? the fare..
im in no means mad at my dudes workin hard drivin them iron worms and steel caterpillars
all day..thats my homeboys.. shout..
jus echoin' some of the busstop conversation on the daily..
oh.. and aint it funny how
when you in a rush.. there the bus go..
and when you right there
its delay-time..
ah well
enuff of me whinin'
so comin back after a long detour
im readin this book
and its cool man
cool in the way that its a beautiful insight in a true persons mind
a person who seems to be seekin' in all integrity for whats true
balancing wat he knows
and what the world shows youknow..
yeah i like it..
and its crazy to be reading that book
which doesnt feel like a politically charged book so far
and then look up and seein' the man's face on the cover of the newspages of the person in front of me..
its also funny to see how he mentions certain things like places in hawaii
and to know where those spots are like ala wai,
for those who dont know
i lived in hawaii on oahu for like three years
'96 to '99
and to see him mention spots where i walked
yeah thats bugged
must be ill for them peoples thats still there to have him do that
sh.. cool to me..
big up to the beautiful people of hawaii
my peoples still there
downtown honolulu
and off course north shore side
nuffin' but love an' respekt..
ala moana
its bugged out to think on those things like
i really like jus played soccer there on sundays
ate moantain apples drank sour sap
hung out with my homeys played music and went to school there an such
like yo its a trip
you wakin' in the mornin and the sun is up
and everywhere is beauty
i mean like yo
you in a regular street
and the flowers are amazing red yellow and white
youknow the ones you see the girls on postcards and such wearing
its crazy yo
got me thinkin of my mother in law of whom i heard that when she was younger
in indonesia
people would use banana leaves to shelter from the rain an so forth
wild right?!
imagine doin that in ny?! :)
now dont get it twisted yo
i love ny
just dont like smelly arm pits and stale breath in the morning:)
or at any time really..
youknow whats ill to me?!
when i first got to ny
i never really wanted to go to the beach cause youknow
ain no beaches like hawaii beaches
that was my whole thing youknow
i just felt like i would be dissapointed if i would go
which in reality is not even true
i went to long beach l.i., coney isle,
and jones beach
and had crazy fun man..
yo what i was gonna say
i never knew
but long island to me is like
a mix between the rest of ny and hawaii yo
its crazy
i never had no reason to go to l.i.
besides my supervisor slash moms livin' there,
youknow for someone livin' in the city
that whole thing spells
a lotta money,
and a lotta commute..
so basically.. why doit?!
i went cause i had new found fam there
and yo
i like longue I. yo..
when i told somebody this
they was like
somebody shoulda told you..
peace to my lil' sis..
oh an.. i won.. :)

yo check it out
so i see this dude i know
on the morning of the presidential election
i know him from the gym
and he's like yo
i know you gonna do the right thing today right?!
and im like
he thew me off
cause the first thing im thinkin is like
what? go to the gym?
so when it dawned on me what he was talkin about
you know
i was like

so youknow
that inspired me to write a song about it
and his words became the hook..


people askin
u gonna do the right thing today?!

somewhere a mother cries
cause she cant feed her children
while we taste the salty lies
of greedy politicians
meanwhile her children
are dying for real
a slow process
like torture
like hopeless tears
weary from emotions
feelings of hopelessness arise
while we vote between tyrants
that send children to wars to die
peace for the government
is not an option
for peace doesnt make cents
never did they intent
to reason for a solution
what would you do
if someone declared war on you
if the foot was in the other shoe
it aint nothing new
got many wars to learn from
world war two
still we send kids to die by bombs
to get murdered by guns
coming home with missing legs and arms
where are we
supposed to get our belief from
in these so called leaders
do they even heed us?
seems like we can only pray that one day
the tables will turn
and from our ways we learn

they wanna know am i gonna do the right thing today?!..

it seems change
is the only thing that makes sense
it's hard to believe people have viewpoints so dense
as the ones i see
when i look at tv
The illest paradox
is you sayin
you fightin for peace
im waitin on line prayin the stars align at the right time
some never gonna be ready
I say its about time
To have a black president who’s hearts in the right space
Movin this country to the right place
At the right pace
Yo this world is precious to me
Like a newborn baby
So instead of bombin it
I would like somebody to treat it
With some grace and integrity
It seems like hope is defeatin’ the skeptic in me
While I turn the handle to the left
I see my grandmother
All my people before her
And wht this life showed her
And my pops comin up in the divide of the black an white
The era of whites only and the age of black pride
Everyone stands on somebody’s shoulders
I ask god for guidance as I turn the lever

Sep 28, 2009

respekt rakim

jus wanted to share this with y'all

everyday hype n commercials might distract from

the beauty and artistry of a real artists' words these days

so please


-daily greens

dilemma time..

wifeys hungry..

now normally youknow that your homey would take care of this situation quick fast right?!

yet as we speak, fall in ny offially has started

its coming down y'all


wifey's still hungry

and, being a compassionate guy yo

i feel them cats that youknow

gotta drive in the rain on they mopeds an cycles

gettin all wet an such

tryina avoid dogg doo-doo(thats for my amsterdam readers)

jus so other peoples can eat

i know you sayin

like yo they gettin paid for it

so im providin em a service

true yo

but still yo

Sep 27, 2009


yo whats good fam
jus wanted to take a little time out to say whatsup
did what i had to do
went to bk early
was nice
an shot uptown to give my man the trax to mix
on the way i seen some dutch people enter the train
youknow sometimes you can hear em
sometimes you can see it
i guess its like that for people
they recognize people from their country
and it always got me wonderin' like
yo what should i do
like youknow
should i talk to em let em know im dutch
an then immediately ask myself like why?!
it aint nuffin'
is like close to 20 million of em youknow?!
ah well
shout to bed-stuy for being beautiful..
shout to harlem for being beautiful too,
i got love for harlem
you can just feel the history when you walking around there
and its jus crazy bugged to me
imaginin' youknow
so many great people jus walkin' round there
alladem.. r.i.p
and the landmarx an such..
its crazy yo
and so many people are still here youknow
like legends jus living and walking amongst the mere mortals
gettin' their groceries at the same spots where you be at
matter fact
my mans in the stuy told me
biggie r.i.p used to work at the Met
right 'round the way where i lived and stayed for like close to 10 years
last time i was there they still had his picture up
and a few of my mans knew em
is crazy man..
really crazy to think of those things.
it was rainy today
fall weather youknow
but for a little while
the sun came out
but im home now :)
nah i mean the sun came out and it was nice
you know quiet sunday afternoon
wonder what its like in amsterdam right now
like is people chillin
watchin 'studio sport'
or gettin' ready for the next mornin'
aint many places more beautiful than amsterdam
thats my word
you ain never been
please go
its the biz..
youknow known for the good shit
but the vibe is jus love love though
and they got the festivals an shows
that make summatime the best,
peace to the vondelpark
and all the good memories there yo..
man y'all know what it is
im jus shootin the breeze up
so soon my songs gonna be mixed
and imma continue work on me album 'streetblues'
for those who know
i been walkin round with the same project for like a few years
forever makin changes
but i wanit to be done jus right youknow,
the way i want it to be
it takes patience
and letting go too
is like yo you drop a joint
and then you feel like aaight
thats the hot shit
and then you listen to it
and then you like yo
thats cool but i need to do this and that and such an such
to where you really need somebody to just be like yo
keep this
and jus move the f.. on
and do something different youknow?!
its about 6.51 on my clock right now
and im about to do some laundry y'all
so peace n god bless
till we chat again..

-my peoples my peoples..

my peoples...
back from work yo
heineken in hand you know
my man jorrito just sent me the song 'yama'
art blakey i believe
(pretty sure of it, but dont wanna tick off any jazz specialists..
youknow they such a specific crowd youknow..
an' it wouldnt be a good look for me
being the son of a jazz player an' all.. :)
yeah man that song is dope youknow
taking me back to dayz of chilling with my dudes at J's moms spot
an just smokin drinkin an loungin youknowwhatimsayin'
mid-ninetees sh..


got plans to go to city college tomorrow early
meeting up with artem kolakov the engineer
he's the dude with the glasses in the youtube video's..
oh youainknow?!
well go checkem mon..
(a lil' patois f'thadass..)
peace to my JA peoples

so, up to harlem
a quick stop in BK first
pick up some mail an' say hi to my bk fam

yo nice man..
for anyone ever tried to put together an album
nuff'spekt due

im doing that rizight nizow..
thats the reason for going uptown..
my man A.K.(artem kolakov..
you like that right?!.. i know, just thought of it,
mixing my ish..
an let me tell you
the pre mix and final mix
is like russia and africa
both beautiful
but very different man..
an' he doing his thing..

glad i met him..

so yo
whereever you at right now..
i hope you lovin'..
till further chats an' stats..

Sep 26, 2009

-my peep..

whats good my peoples or should i say peep,
yes opened it yesterday, y'all remember the grandourous event yo,
anyway.. shout out to the siep.. the first official reader.. the love is felt :)

sketchin a scenario for ya
chillin here with some chamomille tea
and the label says.."no man is an island entire of itself.."
wanna give a shout to rogier on the birthday
and dixxie congrats on the baby..
and ive recently been inducted into the exclusive mp3 club
(looking for a new, more official name)
and i must say the jams is official..
like suiffe said in a mail..
i was kinda like glued to his ipod for like hours
sh.. was beautiful..

other n that
gettin ready to go to work
work in a theater
they got a dance thing going on
yo i work there as a technician
and these companies have like the nightmare combination of props and items they use
picture:flower hay plastic balloons dry ice hot water all in one
and youknow what im talkin about
yo you ever see them shows on tv where they have those million confetti pieces drop from the sky?!
you ever wonder who cleans em?
right, you guessed it..
now you understand why i need to get this music thing poppin' :)

so far god blessed a nigg.. though
i got some new things coming out.. so stay tuned
and check for daily new drafts..

shout to my man in japan kenishiro nishihara
doing his thing

see you on my next blog..

Sep 25, 2009

-my first official blog

yo y'all..

i just found out i could start bloggin'
you know like journalizing, communicatin' to the world and ish..
yo thatswhatitis,
i know y'all aint there now cause i aint let youknow about it
but trust..
i will..
and this way y'all could keep up with a nigg.. if y'all want
imma be lettin' youknow about my days loves and passions..
and y'all can do the same

this a beautiful thing
cause i got maad fam spread out cross the world
like a big 'ol jelly roll

youknow 'spread out'.. get it?!! :)

aaight whatevea
i hear you thinkin'
nuff with the cornyness already
but baby
theres no way i can.. :)
thats just part of the green gene i guess
welcome to my blizog
and keep posted for more
an' good for you..
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