Jun 20, 2009

-stream of thought..somewhere in fort greene

he said
one day we'll all be free
presently we in bondage
and we dont see movement
on the block
snow melts to water
and the birds make themselves heard
like the musquitos make themselves felt
on my stoop i remenisce on you
with a cold drink
how we two as one
used to walk by the water
kids used to wade in
and watch the sun sink
while the people on the strip
tripped as the hookers stripped
doing their thing in thongs
heads turning like ping pongs
all night long, trying to get paid
of working magic trix with the ding dong
getting laid whispering words in sing song
to turn you on waikiki had a miami feel
the elements the same song for real
rings and things, windows rolling like waves
down on convertibles, in the background the water
pulled the sands back down to the deep
like a pair of hands, wind thru our hair
tequila in our system while the fly beats
played from our system..
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