Dec 31, 2009

happy 2010..

to all nations and generations..

happy new years to..
and you
and you an you
and you.. you .. you ..
and you too..
you thought i didn't see you right?!
but i did..
happy new years to you too
peace y'all

Dec 28, 2009

chillin' at suife's..

so my man robin came to town
been lookin forward to that visit cause
thats my peoples
and at the same time time
he an i build a repore datin a while back
from when i met him in amsterdam
on tour with audiopharmacy
in 2006
we got to talkin and really hit it off on some
loving music tip
i told him i had a ep release party at the bitterzoet in amsterdam
with sotu a month after
the AP tour..
we said peace and promised to keep in touch
now little did i know..
that man invited all my peoples out to the spot!
i mean
my moms
best friends
and peoples i aintseen in a long while youknow
so in a big way due to him
that night was a special night for me youknow?!
by the way thanx for that R.

keeping in touch i found out my man was more serious than i thought
about this whole music thing
i found out he was actually going to school to become a music manager
when i found that out
i was like yo
im dealing with this dude
if you know this dude
you know
he's a straight shooter
tells you things the way they are
even if you don't like to hear em
on a personal tip
but especially on a b.i. tip
and a man of his word

we made plans to set up a tour in holland for the summer of 2010
and been workin on it eversince
so when i found out about him comin thru to ny
i wanted to plug up and amplify
didn have any shows at that particular time
city college goin thru renovations
end of semester dealings..

we met at my other man's suife's spot
and got to talkin' about this an' that
one thing led to another
an' i was like yo
let's do this thing right here
imma show you
the cats that im musin' with is crazy nice yo
he was like no doubt im down
for my dutch readers..
'zo gezegd, zo gediggie..'
suife said it was cool
i called my peeps
and there we went

i called my rd dawg paul on keys
my bottom n..doug on bass
my velvet vocalchords lex to sing
and yours truly on guits..
we had a good time
and the response was love

had this girl julia
one of the guests' daughters take pictures
so these snaps is compliments of her..
they dope right?!
and robin took some footage
the onliest i have so far
(but im expectin' some more..)

you wouldnt believe
the way i wear my socks
is jus like that..
they stirred mad convo though.. :)


please enjoy some more

p.s. just got this in..
this was the day before the gig
yeah we was there too chillin'
thanx to robin for recordin this piece
he said 5 strings is enough..
5 strings and a voice
why not?!

this next song is a lex peterson original
we workin' out..

Dec 27, 2009

Yvad performs in nyc

so im chillin one morning at the crib
with my wife
teao and pooja
youknow jus kickin it
as my phone rings
and the display says
larry macdonald..
im like okay..
and im startin to think
did i for get something?..
cause i know he had said that he'd be willing to do some more work
on something we did prior to that

that's how i know him
always down to work..true musician god knows..
so as im thinkin like that
the phone still is ringin..
i pick it up
and theres larry
talkin in his calm matter fact manner
he tells me that he called me to see if i could make it for a gig
of an artist coming to town soon..
im like yes..ofcourse
he says he will have to confirm if the artst is still coming
and if so he willlet me know the details and give me a rehearsel date
im like cool..
by now
i got sweaty palms and im doin a happy dance around the room
i feel so honored to even be considered for a call by this man
he tells me the gig is confirmed
and we have a rehearsel in brooklyn the day before
he tells me the gig is at a spot called tillman's
on west 26 street
beautiful spot
beautiful vibes man..
definitely checkitout

please click on his name to find out more about him
please click on diane podolak his manager for updates

aaight so we do the rehearsel
the vibes is nice
the love is there
and im feeling good about where im at
never had a doubt about where they were youknow
so we rollin back thru brooklyn over eastern parkway
and im just listenin
lovin it
and learnin youknow..

this is yvad with his beautiful mother
miss carol berry
who got her own soundsystem every thursday in brooklyn
please click on her name and check the link
beautiful picture by the way

so is this one

so day of the show is here
youknow i get there early to make footage
and it feel like a nice late fall early wimter day man..
and from the moment i got there
the vibes was jus nice
and that feelin never let up
thru out the night..
you could easily feel god's presence
it was a beautiful show
the people and musicians made it that way together
and its main ingredient was love..

there go yo mens holdin it down for the fam..
so much love was shared that night
i feel truly grateful for it
god bless..
i wanna give thanx to soo many people
but i dont know em all by name
so what imma do is give thanx to god
and pray to him that my gratitude will be felt
for all those intended..

one special shout offcourse
is to mr larry mac..
for calling me
and giving me the opportunity to be down..
thank you larr..
One love..

gregg says..shrine part 2..

where to begin peoples
been awhile right
yeah i know
been a little busy doin my thing
so now the kakatu has come home to chill
and while at
post some new stuffs upon the blizog..
for starters
the rehearsel for the second show at the shrine
recorded at city college harlem nyc
artem K.'s the engineer..

so check it
i brings my camera to the spot
and i told myself i wanna charge it before the show
guess what?!
i bring the adaptor for my laptop
and not the camera
no footage from the second show at the shrine..

a picture

a nice set though by the way..
peoples came out
music was good
love love was in the place

Dec 22, 2009

classic..roy ayers..the roots..

my man metaphysic put this on his facebook pizzy..
yes!! roy ayers on the roots' classic gets busy

Dec 21, 2009

where is eagle eye?!..the game wants you..

where is eagle eye cherry?!..

Dec 20, 2009

black love

black love is
love heavenly
shadows and clarity
extacy and pain
we the trees
blues is our roots
running thru our veins
tears are the food
we consume
to smile again be born again
black love is
a sin in their world
black love
is a sound all around
felt n heard
black love is
gods voice dictated to our hearts
quoted to the universe
in our soul and art
black love is the start
the silence from which grows the most profound sound
like black eyes
and black dice that roll on like we do
thru history
n different times and places touching
everything with royalty
leaving behind black legacy
black love =
acceptance and healing diffusing the lies
building our pride
thru living proof and example
black love is the promise from heaven,
we living example

Dec 19, 2009

gregg says beautiful yess.. kymani and morgan

jus lovin it..

gregg says.. practice, practice, practice..

just tryina be like pops.. :)
nyc was blessed with a visit of a beautiful spirit by the name of pooja..
the bible says beauty is in the eye of the beholder
i couldn't agree more..
she the one made the picture
thank you sweety
you have a beautiful look on things..

Dec 17, 2009

gregg says..yes..GARRINCHA..

if you know me a little bit
then you know i love soccer
or football as many west indian friends like to correct me
sort of a throwback
i love old skool
the passion the styles the romance
the greatest era of the game for me was 50 60 and 70
and to me like many others
the most passionate creatively and joyously the game has been
and still is being played is undoubtedly by the keepers of the game
here's a dedication to one of my favorites

i love you garrincha
thank you for doing your thing
and bringing so much joy to the hearts of so many lovers of the game
we are forever indebted to you
thank you

Dec 13, 2009

-what i did with my well..

so together with artem
the engineer to the city college work we did over the summer
i recorded some of my songs

here we go:


it ain't easy
survivin' in this world
and that goes for all men women
little boys and girls
nowhere in this life
are streets paved with pearls
you got to work for what for what you want
whether you got green eyes or curls

everyday's a struggle
you got to hustle
to find your way in life
like a diamond in the rubble

if your job is not your passion
are you workin' for what you're askin'
if you're not pushin' it
it's not gonna move
and when it's outta line
it's up to you to put it back in the groove

if your job is not your passion
start workin' for what you're askin'
if you're not pushin' it
its not gonna move
and when it's outta line
it's up to you to put it back in the groove

everyday's a struggle
you got to hustle
to find your way in life
like a diamond in the rubble

sometimes you gotta get dirty
to feel that you're worthy
at times you gotta put up with strife
to get some beans an' rice

work for what you want
work for what you need


everytime you open your mouth
you're rude
so rude
everytime you speak more lies than truth
you do
you do

the pen is mightier than the sword
i do not know what you messin' with me for
i been told you before
you didn't take no heed
now you comin' back for more
life's a battle between love an war
many people don't know what they livin for
hate got em feelin' insecure
but you just want to be givin them more

cool out now

all the while pretendin' we friends
i turn around now you stealin' my ends
remember all the little things you said?!
what goes around comes back one day
love could never go astray
despite all the little silly games you play


Dec 11, 2009

yess bless burnin spear

a good friend of mine
mid to late ninetees
introduced me to burning spear
we used to take trips from one side of oahu to the country side alot
while vibin to reggae music nonstop
he took me to maad different schools
one of em was
the college of the burning spear..

yo classic..

my motto
peace to grams pops n moms sisses n cusszzes too..

Dec 10, 2009

to my moms..

moms, i want to thank you for always telling me to follow my heart.
i love you and thank you for that.

Dec 9, 2009

-gregg says yess..sir. greg'ry isaac

mr mellow
the kool ruler..
the marvin of reggae

i never knew these cats was this nice live
i mean
i shoulda known right?!
but i didnt
now i do.. :)
the vibes is beautiful
yo i always loved the guitar solo in this song
i mean crazy yo ..just crazy..

no i didn't know that
mighty diamond's song
was the forerunner
to the song
i knew from since i was yeaj
(how you spell that?!) high
what a mellowing song man
just what i need man
just what i need..

and youknow..
it's still ill..


Dec 8, 2009

gregg says yess.. A.D.O.R.

my main dude dixxie hipped me to this
gave me his cd on my birthday
told me i would like it
never heard of the the dude at the time
but my man was right
never left my player..

gregg says yess gregg allman..

i didn't know about this
and jus kinda just clicked on it
glad i did
really glad i did
what a fuckin' beautiful voice
that's how a voice should sound
so soulful too
and the guitar playing is nuts yo..
i fuckin love it, you donno..

Dec 7, 2009

things done right

Dec 2, 2009

stream of thought on the bus dec 2 '09

my mind stretches farther than the monetary concerns
that comes with makin a livin following dreams
cause i know things at best are only half
of what they seem, and then there is ife
the part away from the mic, the part
that seems to be inevitably filled with strife
bills n responcibilities, lately ive been feelin less free
lately ive been daydreamin more frequently,
thinkin of once in time lovers now second time divorcies,
whats love got to do with divorce papers and lawyers fees,
or hearing co-workers bitter stories
of the good bad n ugly in the romantic and not so romantic 60's,
never thought of a day past hippies
of how some were smokin to get away
much like lost kids today
guess the bud doesnt fall far from the tree
while with a bottle in your hand you judgin me
and the next thing i see is an innocent seed looking at me
looking for hope, while im strugglin to believe
n yet thru them somehow i believe
maybe cause they remind me of how i used to see
the world, when god seemed somehow closer to me
makes me question the mirror i look in
hardly believe its the same me

Nov 30, 2009

pen scratches on the canvas of my comp boox

yo i dibble dabbles a lil' bit
with this drawin' stuff
definately not no picasso
but i would say also no sloucho :)
(just had to put that in there for added cornyness value)
but youknow just havin fun an expressin myself
and now i would like to share it with you
esteemed reader of this joint..
first pic is inspired by a pic of pac in a mag
how that sound?! :)
sound like chinese ping pong right
a pic of pac in a mag!! :)
no offense to other tupac fans or to any chinese people
just being corny again..
rest in peace pac
thank god for you..

the next one inspired by a friend of mine and my love for the motherland

'moma afrika'


to me
one of my favorite joints ever..

gregg says..yes..peace to mcm da great :)

greggs verse

listen to the sound born upin the ghetto
lookin for a way to grow and to let go
at night in your room lookin at the moon
the ghetto burnin like these young minds yearnin to consume
the world don wanna teach them stay wanna keep them
blind to the fax and the world don really see them
as equal its just another sequal
we know the truth still they fukin with the people
its undastood its a modern day slavery
at the same time you keep on lyin about our legacy
you aint really tryina help niggaz in the hood
but why you stressin em when they try to do good?!
i been aroun enuff seen plenty scenarios
kids cant afford milk pourin water on they cheerios
say we livin like roaches in bedsprings
our lives is like a price fight up in the ring
the rat race is like a rat maze
the streets is like a beehive cats wanna keep high
strugglin to survive fightin oppression
doin what we can to keep that fat bitch from singin'

one breath into the micro
inhale let the stress go
cause she listens better than anyone i know
geneva to berlin paris to brooklyn
keep spreadin the truth keep puttin your work in

one breath into the micro
exhale let the stress go
cause she listens better than anyone i know
geneva to berlin paris to brooklyn
keep spreadin the truth keep puttin your work in

Nov 29, 2009

gregg says..yes..brand nubian

this is what i mean when i say i love hip hop

Nov 28, 2009

somethin' for you to vibe to..

a lil' while ago i had the pleasure and the privelege to be part of a project with my man, japanese producer kenichiro nishihara
we did two songs in total for his critically aclaimed project 'humming jazz'
the first song is called 'from time to time'
a pretty low-key and in the cut type a song of what it means to me to do my thing away from the hype and for the love of music..

I cant tell you what to do
Jus like these niggaz couldn’t tell me who to be how to my thing
Cats come across confident spittin ignorant
Headz wise usually speak softly
Got no reason to hide behind bravado
That’s why you wont see my face when I hit the lotto
Jus keep it movin full throttle
Bless where I manifest let the wisdom settle
Pedal to the medal to the grotto
Where me and my baby boo batgirl stay
The mission in my rhymes is to find a way
To make the night time a better place to play
People hear me when I say
Soul music is here to stay

Don’t let nobody hold you down
You gotta do your best to turn your frowns
Opinions everybody got one
You gotta keep lookin out for number one

Tomorrows not promised to anyone
In between your worries try to have some fun
From the stress take a time out feel blessed
Let your soul roam give your thoughts a rest
you aint servin nobody with stressin
the issues you got stress manifests them
Most people tend to deal in ego
In reality you know they’d rather be happy
And you may find when you look closely
Those you consider friends envy
Try to hold you down while you try to grow
Keep your dreams close to god he knows
Surround yourself with those who want the best for you
Keep your eyes on the prize stay true
Aint tryina sound like im preachin
But from time to time words like these we all need them

the second song is called 'life is a deck of hearts' in which i was inspired by french rapper mc Solaar's song Caroline.. he describes a scene in the park with children playing.. i do the same or similar, most respectfully..

The middle of the day got me thinkin on past times
A park bench children play your name mentioned
Got my mind drunk like memories that steal time
And still your smile one out of a million
Feelins I used to have at time I still feel em
Eatin me up inside but I know I cant kill em
Never thought I’d live with em so physically
Its like you livin inside the deepest part of me
The sadness of you is all I have so it feels
Double to set you free..
I remember your eyes talk like whispers
and I wished to get withya paint cleare the pictures
I was feelin keep you from leavin
But my angels turned to demons imprisoned by my freedom
And im thinkin of you feelin nothing but pain
Life’s a deck of cards im fucked up in the game

Lifes a check
And when its cashed its all in
Aint no skippin steps gods sees everything
The good the bad the bitter the sweet
Times you in sin
Times you on your knees

I try to listen to old timers when they talk
I was raised that way they paved the ways I walk
Like my moms and pops words of wisdom and advice
Be the light that guides my feet keep me flyin right
I seen some dark nights and I seen some bright mornings
God saved my life thankful to be yawning
But I cant undastand how come we not together
Though I thought I knew it all I guess life knew better
She came between us like birds that flew together
Divided by winds of change that turned never
The night stole my days and its pale sunrays
The midst of which I in vain called your name
Thought of how you and how you became
Lifes a deck of hearts covered in shame


we just wrapped up recording another song
sort of like a remix of the song daydreams
i like to call it 'tokyo dreamin'
imma share it with you soon as it comes out..

Nov 27, 2009

-gregg says yes..4 my peoples

its been quite a journey but its still just the beginning
heard you a daddy now and it takes some imagining
no we dont see eachother like we used to
but i make it a point to come thru around your way
moms said she felt it felt a little like a child of hers
like the way your moms took me in and made me all hers
you knew me from my first notes first rhymes
smiles still fill my mind when i think of those summa times
all of us after dark in the park smokin spark
jus runnin round clownin even runnin from narcs
don nothin compare those times live in my heart
those the things that carry me thru when times get hard
i rememeber sharin forthy's and blunds upon the highway
wind blowin thru our hair while hearin' big and pac play

this is for my peoples all over the place who's
love an support has been my saving grace
it may not have always been clear to see but
each one of you mean the world to me

i rememember feelin lost walkin round dolo
so much on my mind not sure if i would live no
everyday i shed tears not sure to live or die
at times felt so much pain couldnt even cry
you supported me with hugs n doe when i was low
you would smile n i thought of you when i did my first show
remember when we bought beers and chilled upon the bridge
special to me was that day on diamond head
so much laughter reward for so much blues
cryin inside when you told me what you went thru
your moms sadness your pops crazy abuse
my childhood wasnt easy but i wouldnt trade shoes
not many people live to see the things you went thru
but god said the sun shines for everyone so you
stay strong and pray, i know you do
gave you so much he expects a lot from you

Nov 26, 2009

what it means to me.. RESPEKT..

soullove beauty purgin' an' replenishin..

abundance appreciation humility and togetherness

respekt joy growth acceptance and awareness

selflessness encouragement and gratefulness

is what it means to me

another moment of silence please..

don't forget what you're celebrating..

think about just sayin..

please checkout..

500 Nations - The lost history of the Native Peoples


all this to say
to jus remember whats really what
the trend might have you forget

Nov 25, 2009

gregg says yes..gregg live..

bed-stuy BK

this is where i started off dreaming
playing in the hallway for privacy and beautiful acoustics
thats where kids would teach me how to play
they would hear the sound and grown curious
they would come up to see where it was coming from
and to checkout what i was doing
after starin' at me intently for a while
following my fingers goin' up and down the fretboard
they would ask me if i knew how to play the tunes hot at that moment
i did my best man and learned a lot man..
yo it made happy to see their joy whenever i got it right yo!!
nothing gave me more joy and satisfaction sharing music and happiness with them..

a feeling born there
thank you Brooklyn..

that same feeling stayed whenever and wherever i've played so far..

live at yaam inside stage in berlin w/audiopharmacy

and with plan b at club element and the vault nyc

with tasha and band at
Stichting Nowhere in amsterdam

soulsessions with the chosen bowery poetry club nyc

With big T. AP's Toronto canada
photo compliments of Hxfour
good loox man..

with audiopharmacy at Yaam Berlin outside stage

with Kenichiro Nichihara and crew at club the Loop in Tokyo Japan

with apostles and crew lion's den/sullivan hall nyc

in maastricht holland
w/pops and audiopharmacy

with sotu/pops/dj jay-p/tasha@Bitterzoet amsterdam
daydreams cd release/apple tree records opening/
amsterdam dance event performance

with chosen bambu band of the year competition nyc

joe's pub nyc

with audiopharmacy
at luftbad vienna austria

in innsbruck austria w/audiopharmacy

back to cellar door brooklyn ny

gregg says yes.. daydreams

aaight so
i did this ep with my dawgg mr. baris akardere
aka sotu the traveller
or if you want
soul tu the traveller
cause he's that nice
f'real my man got one of the smooves sounds aroun'
an' already an impressive and extensive track record
of songs and collabo's
for having just jumped on the scene
and still being at the tender age of
somewhere in his early twennies..


the way we met was thru a mutual acquaintance
(dont worry i spell checked it
im not naturally that nice with the spelling.. :)
one who i was writin with at the time
so we hit it off
him being a producer and musician
i read him a lil something that i had written youknow
something along with a beat in the back ground
nothin' crazy
and he was like yo i dig it
so thats how it came about to do a song
since the one poem was kinda extensive
baris came up with the idea of sprerading it out into three seperate pieces
like visual artists back in the day sometimes would make like one piece
and divide it in three
thats how it came to be
i loved that idea

we first recorded like a draft take at baris' house in Haarlem
and the went to his man 'Double AA's house AA is slang for hAArlem,

so i think we recorded the three songs in one day and we bugged out some at the end of the session
for baris to use later wherever suitable youknow..
it was nice though man
looking out over beautiful Haarlem at night
in the presence of some real kool peoples man
yo its one of my fondest memories yet..
soon after we mixed and mastered the joints and pops did his thing at a different studio in the area
big ups to the double A posse yo..

and youknow we did that for fun
had tasha a dutch singer friend rock on it
had my pops on trumpet add to the cipher
had marc zwazi
ultra nice bass player for dope dutch groups
postmen and trackaddicts feature on it
and thijs v/d klugt on it on guitar
(to this day i still havent met him
my man's dope though..)
yo thijs if you readin this..
whatsup man
good looking on that solo on the track yo
you did the thing man..
thank you
so youknow thats how it came together

pops rocked on the second joint called 'bridges n raps'
a blessing..
the title definately Nasir influenced
sotu called me and was like we need titles for these thre songs
i was like yo jus call it 'jazz thing I, II and III'
he was like yo we cant do that
im like aaight
and thought of these three titles like almost on the spot
some say i sound like the great Nas,
well if i made his money and got his props cool..
but im not Nas
im Gregg
i mean its a great compliment
its also superficial

what IS funny though is the fact that his pops is from the south and is a trumpet player and that they get along and do work together
its a beautiful thing

the picture was takin in maastricht at a show we did there with Audiopharmacy
shout to maastricht nr.1 rap group Flexxfitt

who opened for us that day..

the third song would be called 'global corner conversation'
basically just talkin bout how i came up and my perspective on two of the worlds i came up in and am still part of

youknow i mean
we tryina do this shit universally
doin' it from new york
caifornia san fransisco
i got squads
new york
back to fuckin..
yo, let it be known
im from maastricht aaight?!
when i rock in dutch
i rock with the zachte g je weet toch?! (youknow?!)
zachte g!!

give me a buzz on sunday mornin'
we'll build some more on what it means to be free
have our own church ceremony
and create a history not build on currency
but for now let's enjoy the laughter and the silence
as the sun is dawning from this balcony
and feel what it must feel like to be free
as we freely breath in the wind from a world overseas
that appreciates us for our beauty and our blackness
our dignity and our royalty
yet also praises us for our wackness
disloyalty and disrespect
where the growth of our form of art
has turned into, cut the check..
without a message given to reflect upon
it's hard
it's like living life without the one begotten son
with no respect
and giving him back the crown of thorns
true kings and queens care
put our fists in the air to protect our way of being
and resist against our adopted ways
and their societies way of seeing
we non-european
though it's seemin' in paris they love us
in holland we ride the front of the bus
and in england they don't enslave us
it is money that they gave us
they even asked (our)their god to save their queen
or was it
god save their cream?..
but who am i to judge knowin'
it's a bit the same everywhere
it's a bit a shame everywhere
cause it's a jazz thing
and wether here or there
love remains in the beholder's stare
so jazz was born where?

never are we off from this godly proffession
we workin like slaves just to be manifestin'
cause it's our life love and truest confssion
our way to the light shinin' thru the depression
coming from way down in the underground
building our universe with a sound profound
expand it to the stars with rehearsel and verse
with our voices and fists we make it felt and heard

after that we did the live show,
the ep release as part of the opening for the label that put the record out,
we did two shows which as part of the amsterdam dance event in amsterdam holland

this a pic from the first show
in this pic im good
dont get it twisted though
i was nervous as shit before the show..
like for two days at least :)
it was my first marque-date
god seen me thru though youknow..

the crowd was dope and i have to give my man Robin a shout out for really gettin everyone to come that day
i told him about it a month earlier when i met him on tour with Audiopharmacy
i mean EVERYONE was there
except for maybe my parents in law
and my main man Sibren who was on vacation in Brazil ithink
but i know he was there in spirit

it was nice and it was fun and i think it was the first time me and my pops got together on stage, nice
i remember right before the show
as we were getting introduced
standing under the lights
turning to my pops and saying
your moms is here right?!

youknow how they say when two or more believers are gathered togethered god is there in the midst of them
i believe god was there
and i also believe miss Josephine Green was there
right there from heaven watching over her son and grandson doing their thing together and
hopefully enjoying the showing..

we have since then rocked in Maastricht as part of an Audiopharmacy tour and in N.Y. at the Nyorican poetry cafe
this is a pic taken at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam at the release
yours truly seems to in deep relaxation muzin' on the vibes of both tash and pops..
nice flic..

and this is a review of the daydreams ep from one of holland's
frontline hip hop writers and journalists Saul van Stapele

the piece translated in english.. for you mono-linguals :)

"Forget your worries: close your eyes and sway your hips.

For 21 year old Haarlem-based Dutch producer Sotu the Traveller and his musical compagnons, daydreaming is a serious business. They create their warm, relaxed music not for the everyday rush, but with their heads up in the clouds. Listen how NY rapper Gregg Green unfolds these jazzed up daydreams on the first 3 tracks of this EP with his laidback ’spoken word’ and whispering singing and forget your worries by closing your eyes and slowly swaying your hips. Green’s Afrocentric raps are completed by the soul of Dutch vocaliste Tasha and the relaxed moquette of consonances composed by the producer who forms the centre of this EP.

Sotu the Traveller makes jazzy hiphop in tradition of the Native Tongue-movement from New York that (except for a small textual referance) doesn´t remind of Dutch hiphop for one sec. We travel from skyscrapers with money-hungry recordlabels to dark, smokey jazzclubs where around midnight improvisation sets in. With warm basslines, a drizzling trumpet, a velvet guitarsolo, cracking vinyl and chrystal clear pianotunes, Sotu the Traveller makes loving hiphop-soul music, breathing and full of live, inviting you to snap shut your agenda, close your eyes and wobble along on a jazzy dreamtrip." - Saul van Stapele/ NRC Handelsblad

And the love is felt from Alex van der Hulst writer for a magazine translated is called "Ear" aka "Oor"


i thought about this a lil' bit as i was gettin' my breakfast
sometimes these thoughts popup in my head
and i start to muzin' about them,
youknow it don really matter where you born raised or live
it seems like the moment you part of a society
like we all are
each and everyone gets categorized by various little boxes sections frameworx etc.
all across the board too
skin color
age gender
i guess its all part of the human condition but damn youknow
some feel safe
cause the feeling can bring safety
to be part of something
to feel like you belong
but the question is
how safe is that safety
cause once you step out of the confines of that safety
will the zone in which you found that saffety now perceive you as different?
same when it comes to being yourself and defining yourself
seem to be living and walking along the lines of standards of what they somehow know is accepted
therefore giving their power to others
i mean obeying laws of society or universal laws or social rules
you decide
is all a part of personal growth
the only constant over which you have control is your soul
so what you look like letting others define it for you?!
and what you look like when you do
and now they change their minds..

just some thoughts
not no fax..

gregg says..very much yes

she's back..

i only found out recently
that they were working on a new cd
kinda like i always find out about her works
its kinda always there
thank god for that
thank god for you
love you baby

Nov 22, 2009

gregg says you miss celia cruz

i love hispanic culture
thats it
i just love it
the passion
the love
the food
the attitudes and mannerisms
the dance
the music
its crazy..
i mean
the feelin of walkin around the streets and feeling the love yo
its just dope
so much love
the stories
the pride
the struggle
the hospitality
the love
all that

man sometimes i wish i spoke spanish
i mean i understand it a little
and many people told me i should learn
so maybe i should pick it up right?!
what im tryin to say is
ive noticed
whereever i go in the city
theres a few names
that always seem to pop up
spoken of
with love admiration and passion affection
and connection
like the ones speaking of them actually knows them
and many times they do

the true meaning of a folk hero
to be one of the people
coming from the people
doing great things for the people
and always wanted loved and honored by the people
one of these remarkable people..


and now youknow why.. :)
love you miss cruz

Nov 21, 2009

feel me

spill forth

imagine me under street lights in the spirit connected to god
i pray before him before givin him my offererin
home is where the love is the drama and peoples i miss
the bullshit i can do without the guilttrips i dissmiss
rather place a kiss on the cheex of forgiveness
still im human and believe in karma, my life is this
many addicted to drama i choose gods body armor
a sinner in this life at times feelin like a beginner
when again we strife our egos fight to be right
in the night i reflect by a candle on my inner light
and shine that light bright onto what im into
sheddin a ray of life onto cold dead winters
i remember the screams the fights the arguin every night
the fear of love similar to stagefright
my inner child is like two children that need to unite
my cries to god in the dark send my prayers like a kite

its impossible to turn back the hands of time
memories live on deep in my heart and mind
i look into your soul as i pray for understanding
a deeper understanding
i know times been ruff barely had enuff
hopin that one day they wouldnt call our bluff
i know for sure that my moma cried tears
left em on my shoulder they still here
the emptiness grows deeper the more i grow older
wishin i could hold her

in my heart its still easy to recall
the echoes of the screams still bounce off the walls
inside my tears hang around like leaves in fall
i got fear pain and anger yet love for all
under dimmed lights i reflect on black holes
that darken the spaces love could have filled with so much soul
and breathe in the summer breeze knowin i still sin
life is yang and ying turnin strangers to lovers to friends
back to strangers again and the sun ain shine since,
sadness and me been close like first cousins
tears that spill forth within once again
slowly become the river my soul now swims in
takin memories back to the beginnin
lovedones words be a lifevest im rememberin,
a moment of realization life is a test
a reminder that struggles come before progress

Nov 19, 2009

-gregg says mos and dem.. lovin yo!!

this is
classic mellow
put me in a real mood

massive attack..
one of my favorite groups ever


blak an bof sides

give thanx..

that shit..

funny dude..

Nov 18, 2009

gregg sas yes!!..Dizzy..yes Arturo..

so beautiful to see kindred spirits vibe together
in an atmosphere of love and togetherness
and the womb feeling of the congregation
best believe god was there

-what i did with my summer..

many people
especially the ones in europe ask me
yo what happened
we ain seen you this time around
either tourin with the pharm audiopharmacy that is
or just visiting peoples
or doing gigs for dolo
well i wanna say thanx for the love
im feelin it
and what i did with my summer?
well, let me share it..

the objective for these sessions was
to have have live musicians jam out and have all instruments recorded seperately
so that we could use em later to use em however we wanted to
youknow like producers take samples
now takin em from the samples
we ourselves makin'
so yeah
without any typa vocals or overdubs
these are the raw uncut beginning stages
of what will be known as

recorded live at

or something like that :)
its gonna be dope
so please
stay tuned

the first video is that of my man freddy with his pops and fam comin thru to bless the situation with positive vibrationz
peace to cyrus and fred's mom an' lil sis
also in the mixx..
my pops on trumpet
my main dude paul on keys an i was doing this thing in harlem city college
by grace of my dogg artem the engineer

here goes part 1 yo

we had another jam
here it goes..

jam 2 part 1

jam 2 part 2

and another one..


nuff respect to the legendary larry mcdonald
master percussionist
while you at
please check his bio and new first ever solo album


and here he is
rockin' with us..
shout to big.T
isaac and mitch as well..
spun the recardin' noww.. :)


my dads all about the money yo
straight up.. :)
funny dude man, funny dude..
youknow he love kfc..

checkitout yo
got some more
'what i did my summer'
segments for y'all
please stay tuned..

Nov 17, 2009

gregg says...thank you..

a dedication to some of my idols

Nov 16, 2009


you might know em
you might not
but for real
this dude is one of my all time favorite
and in my opinion truly influencial peoples artists walkin' moma earth bare footed
what a beautiful spirit..

i learned about him the same time i learned about gangstarr
thru tapes that a friend of my older sis made for her

do it mike..DO IT!!.. :)

Nov 13, 2009

gregg says yes..fantastischen 4

so a while ago
like early nineties to mid-nineties i would say
i was into this song alot yo
like was really feelin' the vibe
and up to that point had never really heard german rap sound this smooth
or heard german rap outside of these dudes really

at the time i remember friends of my sisters bringing 'round
some people
real cool folx
a woman and man
the lady spoke spanish
and the guy was british or of british ancestry
he was a model turned photographer
lotta good times with them
he took me along to model on some of his projects
for like school boox an' such
and i remember asking him to pay me
by getting me the die fantastischen vier album
an album well worth it
this i discovered later
after my sister took it
and made it hers :)
see i only listened to that one track
and another, maybe,
until she hipped me to the whole thing
so yo for this reason
please checkit..

ein tag am meer


Nov 11, 2009


this one of our family's anthems

Nov 10, 2009

gregg says..let's go to france for a sec.

so one night my oldest sis came to my room
i was sleep
happy to see her
still tired
confused a little
she was excited
i was confused
but excited too
she had something she wanted to share with me
she had been gone for a while
living in aix-en provence
close to marseille in the south of france
so dig
she did something that was about to chage my life
she got my boombox
i think it mighta been a cd portable hooked up
to a box
nah youknow what
it was a cassette tape
i played that mutha forever yo
like i mean every song every note
i knew that shit inside out
an my sis never saw that tape again
i claimt it
lived with it
loved with it
that was it!!
so when she played me the tape
she wanted me to hear one particular song especially
it was a hit in france over the summer
and she shared it with me
and yo
shit was dope to me
here it is for you..
mc solaar
bouge de la

so she translated it for me cause
naturally i was curious to know what he said in the lyrics youknow
so yeah
that was it
i wanted
i had to learn french
and i learned a lot thru listening to this album and mc solaar in general
i lost my mind when i finally heard the first song on the album
it was so fuckin' crazy to me
the groove..
this niggaz' flow
i was like
who is this dude?!
at the same time im like
im lovin this dude man
i mean the groove sounded like a jimi smith song to me
and the flow was jus some ultra smooth shit
so youknow what more could i want really?!

and then this happened
my uncontested nr. 1 hip hop love song of all time
together with lovesick by gangstarr
n you decide
sh.. youknow im right
yeah i know what you thinkin'
youre all i need
and yes
you right
that one too
them three songs..

aaight checkit right
im goin' thru the songs and thru the credits
yo i hear a guest rapper
and im like
this niggaz voice is crazy..
i mean
like yo what the f****
its like a verbal baritone saxophone
"soon e mc

aaight so checkitout
now i find
my favorite rapper/mc guru
he already knowing
and already put this man on
im like aaight then
readit in the credits
once again..
so what you think?!
them two
do a song ?!
hell yes!!
you think it would be hot?
judge for yourself babay..

aaight so i went on holidays with my peoples
destination south of france
sade (thanx to my sis tash she introduced me..yes again..)
massilia sound serge..j'espere que cavabien?!
he introduced me to this group
so here's for you
massilia sound system..

so i moved to france
and this is what was hot
at that time



so as you know
i was doin' my thing as well
learnin' to do some earnin'
so this a dedication..

thru that process
met a songstress
here she ess
dans la nuit

an yo
this aint for everybody
but i love it..

Nov 9, 2009


James Brown - Good Foot

oh an' yeaj
at 1.51 minutes he's sayin' kiss the ring bitch
cause you he's king!!


Gang Starr

Nov 7, 2009

-favorite things

candy bar-snicker

Nov 6, 2009

-gregg green and stich say..go yankees!!

stich..native (new yorker, born on 42nd street)
and i sat anxiously watchin' the final game of the yankees and the phillies
look at him
full of confidence
never once doubted that his yankees were gonna win

i didn't have many doubts but wasn't as assured as my man there
wow look at him..
confidently starting
the score is 4 to 1 for the yankees already..

hold onto it yankees..

all the way to the 9th inning
yeah baby..
we can smell it..



Nov 3, 2009

-freddy and the family halloween nyc

whats good y'all
hope you had a nice halloween
as i shared with you
we had freddy fuego's album release party gig
in harlem on halloween
at the shrine

comining up:freddy's album cover..
wait for it...

dope right?!
props to fred's cousin..
my man's definately nice widit..
to say the least
love the concept..
this was a side note
back to the story..

and i would say
it was a success
many people showed
and that made our collective efforts all the more worthwhile
i wanna give a shout to fred and the family
proud of you fred..
you made it happen man
glad to have been a part of it
shout to all the beautiful musicians and family down for the cause fo sho'
god bless..

gregg says yes.. SIR. JOE HIGGS

my peoples
i been out the loop for a lil' bit
been doin' youknow
so youknow soon
i will share with you the doin's
'till that time
please checkitout..

Oct 30, 2009

gregg says albert king jimi hendrix n vincent louveau

my man in paris vincent louveau
a dope guitar player
hipped me to this man
an' even gave me his cd,
good looking out my poodle..
(youknow, french for dogg?! :)

peace chien..

an' jimi
tasha introduced me to him ..
eventhough something tells me
we already met
peace jim, wherever you are
n norma
love love

gregg green says..peggy lee..for no particular haine miss.edith piaf

shout to my sis tash..
dope ass singer by the way


classic to the umph degree..

Oct 29, 2009

mr.pablo neruda

When I close a book
I open life.
I hear
faltering cries
among harbours.
Copper ignots
slide down sand-pits
to Tocopilla.
Night time.
Among the islands
our ocean
throbs with fish,
touches the feet, the thighs,
the chalk ribs
of my country.
The whole of night
clings to its shores, by dawn
it wakes up singing
as if it had excited a guitar.

The ocean's surge is calling.
The wind
calls me
and Rodriguez calls,
and Jose Antonio--
I got a telegram
from the "Mine" Union
and the one I love
(whose name I won't let out)
expects me in Bucalemu.

No book has been able
to wrap me in paper,
to fill me up
with typography,
with heavenly imprints
or was ever able
to bind my eyes,
I come out of books to people orchards
with the hoarse family of my song,
to work the burning metals
or to eat smoked beef
by mountain firesides.
I love adventurous
books of forest or snow,
depth or sky
but hate
the spider book
in which thought
has laid poisonous wires
to trap the juvenile
and circling fly.
Book, let me go.
I won't go clothed
in volumes,
I don't come out
of collected works,
my poems
have not eaten poems--
they devour
exciting happenings,
feed on rough weather,
and dig their food
out of earth and men.
I'm on my way
with dust in my shoes
free of mythology:
send books back to their shelves,
I'm going down into the streets.
I learned about life
from life itself,
love I learned in a single kiss
and could teach no one anything
except that I have lived
with something in common among men,
when fighting with them,
when saying all their say in my song.

Pablo Neruda

auto pilot

lights down low
mood mellow
we chillin
without children
but we practicin
life is fulfilling
so many worries
life moves so hurried
and nobody wants to be left behind
you know youre one of a kind
but the world dont always treat you so kind
wish you could sometimes
just rewind
lifes a ball full of people searching for that feeling you feel when you alone
naked in your home
in your zone
on your souls throne
and yet
noone wants to be alone

how do you feel
do their opinions still matter
or only when you feel some kinda vulnerable
you ever really take em serious when you feel wonderful?
constantly adjusting your vision on your world
friends grow up
grow out
life moves on
no matter how loud you shout
however silent you cry
and they say they want results
dont wanna hear why
i see my reflection
in so many yous
and feel my feet danglin
over the depth of your blues
so deep
that i
need to remind myself
that i
worthy of my cries
worthy to feel my pain
of your lies
or ignorance
or indifference
i put my soul in these lines willingly
for you to navigate your way
thru its multiplicity
easily replaced by true words
the moment we share sincerity
i miss innocence i feel
when embraced by things real
feel honered when children at me smile
knowing im still there somewhere inside
they tell us to be confident
but i cant lie
so i practice indifference
they strive for independance
filling their emptiness with those who befriend them

always hope for tomorrow
and a pillow for your sorrow
dont tell us
we dont want to know
everywhere you hear
and so the years go
and you grow cynical
making fun of those who say they love you so
must be something wrong with them
like you need a next layer of dues to pay to prove to yourself
that youre worthy of love
but thats the funny part
respect you earn
love is
on a soap box i stand
with my opinions
so many shout so much louder
must be their opinions are better than mines
would i be better served
and better serve
keeping my meanings to myself..
i think you liked me better
when i said and did things that you wanted hear
and wanted to know
but i guess
like wings that uplift
a soul must grow
and you an i
now are
what we always never were
familiar strangers
like fake fur
only now
we said so
making it easier
to let go
you havent called me once
and not once have i cared
you couldve encouraged me
yet only once
did you dare
you so small in all the ways you have the world believe you big
and its a good thing to know
that the tree of knowledge has twigs

im on auto pilot
driving thru the night
letting my spirit take flight
with not a soul in sight
you beautiful ones
i feel you though..

Oct 28, 2009

tracy chapman..gregg green says respekt to the fulless..


you ever listened to her lyrics..
timeless poet laureate..

for the kids :)
she keepin it real though..

give me one reason
not to put this song on..

i'll give you ten reasons you buggin'

aaight last one
but dogg

i can go on and on and on
with songs of this endlessly gifted beautiful spirit..
true admiration..
from me to you miss tracy..

ps dont know why
but she reminds me of my sis grace mary..
something about true spirits rings true

Oct 27, 2009

cyndi lauper

sorry y'all..

been a minute right?!
yeah im back

a classic..
yeah i know
not what you used to..
enjoy anyway..aaight..

Cyndi Lauper Time after Time

Oct 22, 2009


yo check her out
she's dope

this a song we did
please dig..

and please..
tell a friend


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